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Chest-Back-Lat-Shoulder Abstractedness

Time for vacation

It's 3 days until I'm going on a holiday in Brittany. I've been waiting for this day for a very long time and we've been planning and planning for very long and there's so much we're going to do there! I've been there once before and I really liked it so it's going to be really fun to come back at last. I can warmly recommend that you visit Brittany sometime. There's plenty of stuff that you can do there and it's a very beautiful place!

Easier than in the past

The use of a hotel reservation system is getting easier and easier. Nowadays virtually anyone can book a room in a hotel anywhere in the world, just in the comfort of his home. There is no neeed anymore to call hotels, no need to go to a travel agency. I guess this has put quite some companies out of business, but on the other hand are there more online reservation companies now and people have to work there, too. But for me as a a. customer it is really a lot easier now and I must say that I ...